LeBlanc Building Co., Inc.

Estimating Department

Our estimating department is a highly experienced team of specialists in the construction industry. Each commercial or residential bid is thoroughly evaluated for detail and specifications.

Our team always endeavors to work collaboratively with any trade partner or client.

Our Estimating staff has the expertise from many years in the industry and in various aspects of today's energy conscious marketplace. They are knowledgeable in green buliding techiniques, value engineering, energy efficient building principles, energy conservation and the requirements of the Energy Star & LEED programs.

To assist suppliers we have set up a link to plans through a secure FTP web link.

To learn more about how we can help your project achieve one of these highly coveted designations, please contact our Estimating staff today at markd@leblancbuilding.com

To inquire about supplying quality construction materials, please send us an email at info@leblancbuilding.com.