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OSHA extends temporary enforcement measures in residential construction through December 15th.

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will extend for three months its temporary enforcement measures in residential construction. The temporary enforcement measures, now extended through December 15, 2012, include priority free on-site compliance assistance, penalty reductions, extended abatement dates, measures to ensure consistency, and increased outreach.

Fatalities from falls are the number one cause of workplace death in construction.

OSHA has been working closely with the industry to assist employers in complying with the new directive. Since October 1, 2011, OSHA's On-site Consultation Projects performed more than 2,500 on-site visits, conducted 925 training sessions, and delivered 438 presentations related to fall protection in residential construction. OSHA's regional and area offices also conducted more than 800 outreach activities on the directive. The Agency will continue to work with employers to ensure a clear understanding of, and to facilitate compliance with, the new policy.

OSHA will also continue to develop materials to assist the industry, including a wide variety of educational and training materials to assist employers with compliance, which are available on the Web pages for residential construction and the Fall Prevention Campaign.

December 16th 2010

Company specifically named and efforts referenced in    US Department of Labor OSHA's                                          New Fall Protection Guidance Document for Residential Construction.

Workers will finally be provided the safety they deserve! 

US Labor Department’s OSHA acts to protect residential workers at height by removing a decade long safety compliance exemption granted to the residential building industry.
Agency rescinds Clinton-era directive and gives workers more safeguards against falls.
WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced a new directive withdrawing a former one that allowed residential builders to bypass fall protection requirements. The directive being replaced, issued in 1995, initially was intended as a temporary policy and was the result of concerns about the feasibility of fall protection in residential building construction. However, there continues to be a high number of fall-related deaths in construction, and industry experts now feel that feasibility is no longer an issue or concern.

Construction and roofing companies will have up to six months to comply with the new directive. OSHA has developed training and compliance assistance materials for small employers and will host a webinar for parties interested in learning more about complying with the standard. To view the directive and for more information, visit http://www.osha.gov/doc/residential_fall_protection.html.


LeBlanc Building Supports NIOSH Researches in efforts to reduce severe nail gun incidents

At the end of March LeBlanc Building Co., Inc. in conjunction with the Arizona Chapter of the ASSE joined the Weitz Company and Schuck Construction in furthering worker safety by allowing NIOSH Scientists to observe workers on their job sites. LeBlanc Vice President of Operations Mike Pentecost met researchers and Arizona ASSE Chapter President Milli Lee at LeBlanc's corporate headquarters in Scottsdale before setting out to various jobsites.

In an effort to assist NIOSH, LeBlanc Building offered to supply a comprehensive accident injury report to researchers. The data will span a 10 year period and include all nail gun incidents with narratives based on the severity of the incidents and whether or not the incidents were recordable according to OSHA 300 log requirements. The report is expected to be completed by the end of Spring 2009 and should give NIOSH a good idea of the many different types of incidents that occur as well as the result of those incidents on worker health.

The study is currently scheduled to be a four year research project aimed at determining possible ways to reduce pneumatic nail gun traumatic injuries. Arizona ASSE Construction Section members encouraged LeBlanc Building and Schuck Construction to participate in the research.

As a result of the positive interaction NIOSH experienced on this recent trip to Arizona researches are encouraged and have indicated they hope to return when the construction market picks up expected later this year.

AZ ASSE President Milli Lee, LeBlanc VP Mike Pentecost, NIOSH Researchers: Brian Lowe & Jim Albers 

For more information on reducing nail gun incidents go to the following links:


March 6th 2009


On Saturday March 6th, LeBlanc Building Co., Inc. employees, families, and friends took part in the 4th annual Kids' Chance 5K Run. This year's race was title sponsored by the University of Phoenix and included over 800 runners/walkers.

Despite the troubled economy LeBlanc Building Co., Inc. was able to help Kids' Chance as a water station sponsor. All LeBlanc employees, families, and friends were able to finish the race including one four year old who ran across the finishline in under 49 minutes!


LeBlanc Building, families and friends                      4 year old runs across the finish line           attend the Race.                                                             finishing in 49 minutes!        

January - March  2009

LeBlanc Building Signs Agreement with NIOSH

In early 2009, in response to an open call to industry, LeBlanc Building Co., Inc. volunteered for, and was selected to participate in a pilot study initiated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) to investigate worker fall protection improvements. As a part of this effort, the LeBlanc Building Co., Inc. signed a Letter of Agreement with the NIOSH to provide technical guidance and support to the pilot study. The LeBlanc Building Co., Inc. was selected to participate based on past and continuing efforts to improve worker safety in residential framing operations. The results of the pilot study are expected to be utilized by the research team at NIOSH to develop a proposal for a larger scale study which will compete for funding in late 2010."  

For details on the project visit the following web site:


October 2008


LeBlanc Building Co., Inc. along with many supporters addressed the Industrial Commission of Arizona in an effort to increase awarness of needed improvements to worker fall protection. SCF Arizona wrote an article which highlighted the recent activities.

To read the full article go to the following SCF Arizona link:


March 26th 2009