LeBlanc Building Co., Inc.

Giving to the Community

At LeBlanc Building Co., Inc. we believe it is every person’s moral obligation to help others in need. As part of our company’s culture we continually search out activities and organizations which emulate the values we hold to be the most important.

Some of the organizations we continue to choose to support include:


Kids' Chance (National) was started over 25 years ago by an attorney who sought a way to help the children of severely injured or killed workers. To date Arizona Kids' Chance has given over $300,000.00 dollars to help those children achieve the dream of a higher education.

We are proud to sponsor this noble organization where 100% of donations go back to the children.


The small act of providing a hospitalized child a toy works wonders in providing comfort, distraction from pain, and in advancing their treatments to recovery; that's why Andrea's Closet was created by the Brunk family after the loss of their daughter in 2002. The donating of new toys to Andrea's Closet allows sick or injured children the opportunity to pick a "special gift" and thereby to forget, at least for a moment, about the pain and discomfort associated with facing frightening medical treatments for cancer, burns, or other life threatening treatments. 

It is our hope that our donations to Andrea's Closet will allow sick and injured children the gift of innocence, even temporarily.


POSA's mission is to increase the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement officers and to enhance the security of our communities by offering free and low-cost advanced education training to law enforcement officers

While all police departments offer good training for recruits and current officers, training budgets are limited. Additional training will make our law enforcement officers and communities safer.

 American Cancer Society    www.cancer.org

Cancer affects us all whether we know it or not. Each year millions of families are devastated when they learn a loved one has been diagnosed with one form of cancer or another. The good news is that each year researchers are learning new ways to fight cancer and cure people. Early detection seems to be the largest factor in defeating such a terrifying diagnosis.

Through supporting research we hope one day all people diagnosed with cancer will face it knowing they will beat it.


A Christian based organization Habitat for Humanity Valleyof the Sun is an advocate for eliminating sub-standard housing by creating strategic partnerships to build and renovate houses and serve as a catalyst for social awareness.

Embracing all faiths, this organization is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing in all areas by helping low income families purchase quality low cost homes. To date the Arizona branch of Habitat has provided over 466 affordable homes and helped over 2097 people, over half of which are children.

As a framing contractor who holds integrity above all we are fully aware of the blight which can be created by sub-contractors who are not concerned with the quality of their work. In volunteering to work with Habitat we hope to dispel the paradigm that contractors sacrifice quality for greater profits.

If you would like to see photos of us and our employees interacting in the community visit the photo post.