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Consultation Services

The road to developing a "World Class" Safety Program begins with integrity and desire.

In developing our Safety & Health Program we were able to observe a vast array of approaches and specialized equipment. By remaining open-minded and positive we have successfully proven what an entire industry had for decades deemed impossible.

With documented governmental verification we have demonstrated conventional fall protection systems and their use is feasible and not a greater hazard in what is described as residential like construction. More importantly to date we have actually saved at least 3 workers who would have otherwise fallen, possibly to their deaths, but we choose to follow regulations and protect them.

According to Federal Law all employers are required to protect their employees from all recognized hazards. To any reasonable person, falling from any height is a recognized hazard. As an employer we developed, with the assistance of ADOSH Consultation, equipment manufacturers, and valued trade partners a program that has the ability to protect all workers exposed to a fall over 6 feet.

As a result of our pro-active culture our safety program has received positive attention from OSHA, NIOSH, ADOSH, and the NAHB, only to name a few. We do not believe we should withhold the safe working practices we learned and developed and therefore we offer everyone the opportunity to use what we have discovered.

If you believe your company is ready to meet the challenge involved in creating a successful pro-active safety culture then we invite you to contact our safety department to begin your journey...


Some of the services we offer include: 1. Program Analysis 2. OSHA Compliant Fall Protection Training 3. Hazard Communication Training/ Developing an OSHA Compliant Program 4.Site Specific Job Hazard Analysis Training & Evaluation 5.OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Training 6. Electrical Hazard Training 7. Power Tool Safety 8.Hand Tool Safety 9. Safety Culture Awareness & Development Training 10. Excavation Hazard Awareness 11. Power Industrial Truck/ Forklift Certification 12.  Ladder Safety Training Plus much, much more...