LeBlanc Building Co., Inc.

Safety Culture

The road to a World Class Safety Program is a continuing journey which we will never be finished traveling. We have learned that in order for our program to truly succeed we must never become complacent or believe we are finished. Working safely is a choice and we choose to work safe. 

We believe one of our most valuable company resources is our employees. For that reason we will continually do all we can to protect their lives as we conduct business.

In accordance with this culture we will actively seek out relationships with contractors and trade partners who embrace the same safety beliefs as our own.

If you believe your corporate safety culture is one that can be complimented by having us join you as a trade partner contact our Safety Department to learn more.

As a result of our experience and benevolence we have been solicited by several federal and state governmental agencies. Further, the fall protection improvements our company has developed and implemented are known in many places throughout the country.

In response to these inquiries we have funneled much of our knowledge and experience to our most trusted Safety Consultants. Together we have generously opened our doors to other companies (including competitors) and governmental agencies who want to learn our methodology. With a positive and open-minded approach our Consultation Service can adapt our basic program to any company, trade, or situation.

To see information on our company safety program visit the Photos & Awards link.

For additional information on Consultation Services provided by LeBlanc Building Co., Inc. please contact the Safety Department.